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Stage 1: modifications for the Stryfe include modified batteries added to the stock blaster boosting the speed and accuracy but easily transferred back to stock. Thestage one modification also comes with a charger for guest to recharge their upgraded batteries.

2: Mods for the Stryfe include stage 1 modification as well as a complete rewire avoiding any safeties/restrictors/function locks taken out allowing the blaster to shoot faster, more accurately, and gives the guest a more functional/user friendly blaster.

Stage 3: Mods for the Stryfe include ALL Stages of Modification (1,2,and 3). The Stage 3 mod is a complete overhaul of the blaster, including rechargeable modified batteries running high power through the rewiring that bypasses stock locks and restrictors new upgraded motors powering the flywheels to dominate out there on the field!

*Hasbro has not authorized or recommended modifications to their blasters.  Modifications void any manufacturer warranties associated with the product.